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Reap The Wild Wind #USDVD0018
Reap The Wild Wind
Universal Studios

 The movie, Reap The Wild Wind, is swashbuckling action epic film produced by the legendary Cecil B. DeMille.  Adventures on the high seas are wrapped around the drama of two men competing for the same woman.  The movie is set against the backdrop of Key West, Florida in the 1840s.  It is a place and time where businesses thrive on the cargo of wrecked ships dashed against the many coral reefs.  A local ship owner named Loxi Claiborne suspects that a salvager named King Cutler of foul play since he always seems to be the first on the scene of a new wreck.  Loxi is next seen on the deck of a ship trying to recue the latest victims of a shipwreck when she meets Captain Jack Stuart who seems to instantly fall for her.  The pair agree to meet later in Charleston, South Carolina but once Loxi arrives there she becomes entangled with a local lawyer named Stephen Tolliver.  Loxi uses her charm on the lawyer who soon decides that he will do anything to make her his wife.  The rivals in love soon have it out in the courtroom when Jack skippers yet another wreck and Tolliver becomes convince of foul play.  The only question is who will be found guilty.  This film features hugh clipper ships, storms splintering on the rocks and a giant squid in a memorable underwater battle.  Starring John Wayne, Susan Hayward and Ray Milland among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1942.  Runtime 123 minutes.


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