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Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races #MIHRD0026
Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races
Motorbooks International

The book, Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races represents a pictorial review of the annual air races held each September at the Reno Stead Airport located several miles north of Reno Nevada.  While the first Reno air races centered predominantly on modified and stock World War II fighters, the event has grown over the years to include a number of different race classes and aircraft.  In addition to the Unlimited category, which encompasses the heavy World War II era fighters, the Reno National Championship Air Races, as of the mid-1980s, also included the AT-6 / SNJ, Formula One and Racing Biplane classes.  More recently, both Jet and Sport race classes have been added as well.  The major sections of "Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races" are titled: 1) Power curves; 2) Action Unlimited; 3) At-6 / SNJ class; 4) Formula I & Racing Biplanes and 5) Reno reflections.  In addition to informative picture captions, "Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races" includes approximately 120 high-definition color photographs of the aircraft, crews, pilots, spectators and actual races.  "Reno 2: The National Championship Air Races" is sure to appeal to anyone interested in the high-speed world of competitive air racing.  This book is 128 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Mike Jerram.  Edition published in 1986.


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