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Russia's Nuclear Warriors #PBSVHS0018
Russia's Nuclear Warriors
WGBH Boston Video

On at least two occasions since 1983, Russia launched full-scale nuclear alerts when their early warning systems misidentified harmless objects as incoming missiles.  Both of these alerts were within minutes of triggering a retaliatory strike when the order was given to "stand-down".  As of the late 1990s, Russia had as many as 6,000 nuclear warheads most built and deployed by the former Soviet Union.  These missiles are aging and unreliable, causing some pundits to claim that an accidental launch of one or more of these nuclear missiles could plunge the world into doomsday.  The documentary, Russia's Nuclear Warriors, takes an unprecedented look at Russia's military officers and defense facilities.  This video includes the first footage filmed inside the country's nuclear command and control center and its largest missile base.  The viewer of this video will also witness top secret nuclear and antiterrorism exercises.  Also highlighted is the new Topol-M nuclear missile designed to evade the United States "missile shield" currently being tested.  The lives of soldiers like Yevgheny Pavlov, a dedicated 22-year-old guitar playing "missileer" who stands ready to push the nuclear button at Moscow's command are interviewed.  This documentary represents a rare and fascinating look at the nuclear forces of America's former Cold War adversary Russia.  This film is narrated in part by Vladimir Pozner who is a leading Russian Journalist and Kremlin insider.  Full screen in color.  Released in 2001.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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