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SA 342 L Gazelle #HR0021
SA 342 L Gazelle
Military Helicopter

The SA 342 Gazelle is a five-seat single turbine engine powered light helicopter designed and built by Sud Aviation (subsequently Aerospatiale) for both the civilian and military markets. The SA 342 Gazelle was also licensed built in Egypt, United Kingdom and the former Yugoslavia. The forerunner of the SA 342 Gazelle was the SA 341 variant, which made its first flight in 1967. The Gazelle subsequently enter service with the French army in 1973. The general operating characteristics of the SA 341 are as follows: 1) Top speed of just over 190 mph; 2) Range of almost 420 miles and 3) Service ceiling of about 16,400 feet. The SA 342 L, which is the subject of this scaled model, was fitted with the more powerful Astazou XIV engine. In addition to having improved performance capabilities, the SA 342 L was able to accommodate the latest armaments and equipment, including six “Euromissile” HOT anti-tank missiles. This older 57 piece SA 342 L Gazelle scaled helicopter model includes the following features: 1) Authentic markings for a SA 342 L Gazelle as operated by the ALAT-France 1982 & Royal Navy; 2) Clear plastic cockpit windows; 3) Detail primary and tail rotors; 4) Molded in colored plastic; 5) Optional rocket pods; 6) Recessed panel lines; 7) Color painting guide and 8) Illustrated assembly instructions. The box is in Like-New condition. Never started and factory sealed.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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