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Scarlette (Special Collector's Edition) #HKEVHS0002
Scarlette (Special Collector's Edition)
Civil War
Hallmark Entertainment

The movie, Scarlette, is the much anticipated sequel to the legendary Gone With The Wind film released in 1939.  In the greatest love story ever told which began with Gone With The Wind, Scarlette continues the saga with a host of unforegettable characters.  The movie Scarlette opens with the death of Melanie and her funeral.  Scarlette continues to make amends with Rhett Butler as the movie moves forward.  Eventually, having been spurned by Rhett, Scarlette decides to rediscover her roots by visiting her the O'hara's extended familiy in Ireland.  Along the way she has one more fling with Rhett resulting in her having a child which she keeps secret from her lover in Ireland.  While in Ireland she falls for a Lord, meets the Viceroy and discovers her families involvement in rebellion against the British Government.  Rhett for his part, finally receives a devorce from Scarllet, remarries and decides to begin raising horses by also visiting Ireland to find a new breed line.  Of course their paths cross but the magic appears to be gone between them as they continue to move apart in the years following the American Civil War.  In the movie, Scarlette makes one last trip to Atlanta to settle her affairs by selling off her investments.  Scarlette than sets sail for Ireland where she is determined to rebuild her life without Rhett.  This movie is and action-packed saga of international scope featuring an outstanding cast and lavish location photography.  Starring Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, Timothy Dalton and Sean Bean among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1996.  Runtime 364 minutes. 


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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