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Shark's Teeth Nose Art #MIHRD0001
Shark's Teeth Nose Art
Motorbooks International

 The book, Shark's Teeth Nose Art, is the first book devoted exclusively to a single genre of nose art which includes the fierce faces and slashing teeth painted on aircraft from biplanes of World War I through the latest combat aircraft.  The text traces the history of this art form from its genesis in World War I through its use on the famed P-40 Warhawk used by the legendary "Flying Tigers" in World War II up to the modern era of combat aircrraft.  Included in this book are almost 200 color and black and white photographs of shark's teeth on most of the great fighters, bombers, helicopters and civil aircraft since the beginning of flight.  In fact, documentation is provided for Shark's Teeth Nose Art that has appeared on more than 60 different airplane typs.  This book is 128 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Jeffrey L. Ethell.  Edition published in 1992.


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