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Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives: A Pictorial Anthology Of Western Railroading #PRJHRD0001
Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives: A Pictorial Anthology Of Western Railroading
Pacific Railway Journal

The book, Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives: A Pictorial Anthology Of Western Railroading, traces the history of motive power on this railway from the early wood-burner to the striking "Daylight" with its red and orange livery.  As the author points out, "When the rails of the Central Pacific and Union Pacific wed in 1869, the pioneer days of the West came to a close".  As this chapter of the West came to end, a new one dawned as the various railroads competed with each other by adding new railways and faster locomotives and more comfortable passenger cars.  For many, the Southern Pacific in the United States became synonymous with the finest steam locomotives available.  The steam locomotives of the Southern Pacific were large and unique.  They included almost every type of wheel classification that rode the rails during the era of steam locomotives.  These grand locomotives came from the Baldwin Locomotive Works, as well as, the Southern Pacific shops located in Sacramento, California.  This book takes a pictorial look at steam locomotives as operated by the Southern Pacific.  While the era of steam locomotives is past, they will forever be remembered as the vehicles that allowed the economic development of large areas of the United States.  Many still fondly remember the era of the steam locomotives; they are gone but not forgotten.  In addition to an informative narrative, this book includes the following features: 1) Approximately 113 black and white photographs; 2) 6 black and white illustrations and 3) 2 maps.  This book is 88 pages and while the dust cover is only in fair condition, the overall condition is very good.  The author is Donald Duke.  Edition published in 1962.   


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