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Spitfire - A Living Legend #MISFT0010
Spitfire - A Living Legend
Motorbooks International

 The book, Spitfire - A Living Legend, represents a pictorial review set in a modern, high technology age.  While many today look at the Spitfire as a work of aerodynamic art in its own right, the author points out that it was an aircraft designed to destroy enemy aircraft in as efficient manner as possible.  Many people, especially in Great Britain, feel that its name, beauty and war record during World War II make it one of the true legends in many aviation enthusiast's minds.  It was after all the highest performance fighter fielded by the Royal Air Force during the long summer of 1940 when Great Britain alone faced the wrath of the German Luftwaffe.  For Supermarine, the company that produced the Spitfire, this aircraft represented the highpoint of their involvement in designing and building fighter aircraft.  While they did try to continue the trend of great aircraft after the Spitfire, the post-war Attacker, Swift and Scimitar were at best lackluster in terms of capabilities and at worst significant disappointments.  In fact, Supermarine ceded to Hawker Aircraft Company maker of the World War II era Hurricane the title of preeminent British fighter aircraft designer in the early postwar period, a role that was never regained for the builder of the famous Spitfire.  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Wing Leader; 2) Spits in pieces: restoring a legend; 3) A Spitfire built for two; 4) Battle of Britain Memorial Flight; 5) Spitfires, Spit fliers and 6) Spits bits.  In addition to informative photograph captions, "Spitfire - A Living Legend" includes approximately 121 high quality color photographs.  This book is 120 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Jeremy Flack.  Edition published in 1990.


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