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Stealth (2- Disc Widescreen Special Edition) #CPDVD0006
Stealth (2- Disc Widescreen Special Edition)
Columbia Pictures

 The movie, Stealth is a futuristic film about a state-of-the-art, fully automated, pilotless, super stealth warplane capable of Mach 5 flight that is being introduced prematurely into actual combat training aboard a United States Aircraft Carrier.  At the same time the Stealth aircraft is being tested on the aircraft carrier, three of the world's top tactical fighter pilots Henry, Ben and Kara are also coming on-board for training exercises.  Problems develop early on in a training flight with the three pilots flying conventional jets along side with the pilotless stealth aircraft.  When Henry, Ben and Kara are redirected to a city location in order to take-out a terrorist in a downtown area they find it difficult to restrain the pilotless Stealth jet fighter.  Later, on the return flight the pilotless Stealth aircraft is hit by lightning which damages the aircraft's computor system and in turn makes it difficult to control from the ground.  On a future test flight, the pilotless Stealth aircraft becomes uncontrollable at which time the three pilots are brooght in to try and destroy it before it causes massive death and destruction around the gworld with its weapons system.  This 2 disc Widescreen Special Edition set also includes the following features: 1) Documentary: "Harnessing Speed"; 2) In Depth Scene Deconstructions: "Detailed and Declassified"; 3) Incubus: "Make a Move" Music Video; 4) Featurette: "The Music of Stealth" and 5) 2 MX Multi-Angle Scene Breakdowns.  This movie will definitely appeal to anyone interested in what the future may hold for jet figher aircraft, as well as, anyone interested in a quasi Sci-Fi film.  Starring Josh Lucas, Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel among others.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 2005.  Runtime 121 minutes. 


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