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Stealth Aircraft - Secrets Of Future Airpower #MISFT0011
Stealth Aircraft - Secrets Of Future Airpower
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The book, Stealth Aircraft - Secrets Of Future Airpower, tells the secret story of how aircraft manufacturers are applying "Stealth" technology to aircraft design in unprecedented detail.  "Stealth Aircraft - Secrets Of Future Airpower" represented the first book, at the time of it's publishing, to describe a secret revolution in military aviation.  The author describes how in windowless offices, closely guarded factories and secret United States Air Force bases engineers and pilots were building and testing extraordinary fighters, bombers and spy-planes that are designed to take on the world's toughest air defenses.  As remarkable as it may seem, the stealth technologies being developed in the mid-1980s, when applied to aircraft designs like the B-1 bomber, essentially produced a radar signature of a large bird, making them essentially invisible to potential enemies radar.  This book specifically addresses the following concepts: 1) "High-tech design concepts easily explained"; 2) "Current Stealth aircraft detailed both ours and theirs"; 3) "Personal anecdotes from Stealth aircraft pilots and designers"; 4) "Who's leading the field?"; 5) "Future think"; 6) "Flying tactics and strategy" and 7) "How high, how fast, how far and how much".  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Introduction; 2) Now you see it; 3) Stealth in the sixties; 4) Design for Stealth; 5) Stealth fighter; 6) Stealth bomber; 7) Vanishing air force; 8) Bibliography; 9) Biography and 10) Index.  In addition to an informative text, Stealth Aircraft - Secrets Of Future Airpower" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 41 black and white photographs and 2) About 26 black and white illustrations.  This book is fascinating in that when it was written, the American public had not been formally told about the existence of new stealth aircraft like the F-117 fighter-bomber and the B-2 bomber projects.  At the time, this book came the closest to accurately describing what was happening behind the secrecy of the stealth revolution in aircraft design.  This book is 96 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Bill Sweetman.  Edition published in 1986.


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