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Stealth Fighter Pilot (The Power Series) #MIHRD0030
Stealth Fighter Pilot (The Power Series)
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The book, Stealth Fighter Pilot represents the first detailed, inside look at the Stealth Fighter pilots who fly the Lockheed F-117 A, how they were and are trained, and how they prepared for their campaign in early 1991 against high-value targets in the heart of heavily defended Baghdad.  Most of “Stealth Fighter Pilot” has been compiled based on exclusive interviews with stealth pilots and ground crewman.  These interviews shed light on what it was really like to be a part of the unit while its existence was still top secret, in combat over Panama in 1989 and later in the skies over Baghdad, Iraq, as well as, more recently operating a part of the “mainstream” United States Air Force.  The major sections of  “Stealth Fighter Pilot” are as follows: 1) Acknowledgements; 2) Preface; 3) Prologue; 4) Chapter 1 – Team Stealth; 5) Chapter 2 – The Stealth Fighter; 6) Chapter 3 – In The Black—The 4450th Tactical Group’s Early Operations; 7) Chapter 4 – Stealth Pilots; 8) Chapter 5 – From Black To Gray; 9) Chapter 6 – Team Stealth Prepares For War; 10) Chapter 7 – Operation Desert Storm; 11) Chapter 8 – Eye Of The Storm; 12) Epilogue; 13) Footnotes and 14) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Stealth Fighter Pilot” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 8 black and white photographs; 2) About 99 color photographs; 3) 5 black and white illustrations and 4) 4 maps.  “Stealth Fighter Pilot” is a groundbreaking book that is sure to thrill and enlighten aviation and modeler enthusiasts alike.  This book is 128 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is D.M. Giangreco.  Edition published in 1993.


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