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Strike Command At NATO's Front Line #AAAPSFT0008
Strike Command At NATO's Front Line
Arms And Armour Press

The book, Strike Command At NATO's Front Line represents a concise but authoritative pictorial study of the Royal Air Force's (RAF) front-line aviation units as of 1990.  The author points out in his introduction that the structure of the modern RAF includes a Strike Command headquartered at High Wycombe and a Support Command at Brampton.  Incorporated within Strike Command are the former Bomber Command, Coastal Command, Fighter Command and Transport Command. The focus of this pictorial study is on Strike Command which includes the following four air groups: 1) HQ NO 1 Group; 2) Direct Reporting Units; 3) HQ NO 11 Group and 4) HQ AO 18 Group.  At the time this book was published, Strike Command was at its height with the recent introduction of the Tornado F.3 fighter-bomber and Harrier GR. 5 vertical takeoff and landing fighter which gave the command a solid field of air assets.  As the author states: "The photographs in this book and the data section are designed to give the reader an insight into the assets available to the Crown in defence of the Realm".  In addition to informative picture captions, "Strike Command At NATO's Front Line" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 91 black and white photographs; 2) About 20 color photographs; 3) 1 black and white three view and data specifications for the Tornado F Mk. 3 and 4) 1 black and white three view of the Chinook HC Mk. 1.  This book is sure to appeal to both the military enthusiast and to the modeler alike.  This book is 55 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Peter R. Foster.  Edition published in 1991. 


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