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Tanks Illustrated No. 5: British Battle Tanks - 1945 To The Present #AAAPSFT0015
Tanks Illustrated No. 5: British Battle Tanks - 1945 To The Present
Arms And Armour Press

The book, Tanks Illustrated No. 5: British Battle Tanks - 1945 To The Present, represents a concise but authoritative pictorial review of the evolution of the British tank doctrine from the development of light weight infantry support vehicles to a more European concept of a mobile, heavily armed main battle tank (MBT).  As the author points out, after World War II, the British abandoned the "misguided doctrine" of dividing tanks into "Cruiser" and "Infantry" types and settled on the MBT philosophy.  Once the tank doctrine had been changed, the British came out with the Centurion, an excellent design that was successfully upgraded a number of times.  The Centurion's successor was the Chieftain that was designed from the outset to mount the most powerful and effective gun available.  The Chieftan had the mobility and range of ammunition capable of defeating different enemy armor from considerable range.  As of the mid 1980s, the latest British tank design was the Challenger that incorporated the latest developments in tank technology, including advanced compound armor, a computerized fire control system and special thermal-imaging equipment for night fighting.  In fact, the Challenger embodied all the lessons learned in British tank design over the preceding 60 years.  In addition to an informative introduction and photograph captions, "Tanks Illustrated No. 5: British Battle Tanks - 1945 To The Present" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 107 black and white photographs and 2) 8 color photographs.  This book is likely to appeal to the "armchair general", military historian, and modeler alike.  This book is 68 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Simon Dunstan.  Edition published in 1983.


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