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The Amityville Horror #GHVVHS0020
The Amityville Horror
Goodtimes Home Video

 The movie, The Amityville Horror, is the ultimate haunted house story of modern times.  The movie centers on a beautiful, three story colonial house in Amityville , NewYork that has just been purchased by George Lutz, his wife Kathleen and their three children.  The Lutz's seem unconcerned that the previous tenants were brutally murdered in their new home.  Unconcerned that is, until their family experiences a series of terrifying and inexplicable events.  When a local priest is called to bless their home, he develops red welts all over his body.  Cold winds, eerie sounds, glowing eyes in their barn and unknown ooze running down their walls convinces the family that after 28 days they must quickly leave before it is too late.  The only question is whether or not it is too late to leave.  Starring James Brolin, Margo Kidder and Rod Steiger among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1979.  Runtime 118 minutes. 


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