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The Charge Of The Light Brigade #MAVHS0078
The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Pre-Civil War
MGM/UA Home Video (Warner Brothers)

The movie, The Charge Of The Light Brigade, represents an updated film rendition of the historically famous British and French attack on the Russian Army in the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1854. This battle was part of the broader Crimean War that pitted the western allies against the Russian Army and Cavalry. The charge of the "Light Brigade" turned into a disaster for the attacking British and French forces. Of the 673 soldiers who charged the Russian forces in the distance, less than 200 came back. What the British Lords and generals had failed to grasp is that the Russian's commanded the heights on either side of the valley used for the charge. In addition, the Russians had superior numbers of men and cannon which all contributed to the useless slaughter of many brave British soldiers. This version of this famous historical event takes out the "glory" and "glamour" of the conflict and replaces it with something closer to the bitter truth. The movie does a great job of contrasting the silliness of the Victorian era aristocracy with the absolute squalor of the lower classes which were typically used as cannon fodder in such battles. It also points out the ignorance of many of the leading British generals where your "station" in life meant more than expereince or military credentials. After the battle is over and the British generals ponder what went wrong, they soon begin casting aboat to try and decide who was to blame for this fiasco. Starring Trevor Howard, Vanessa Redgrave and John Gielgud among others. Full screen in color. Released in 1968. Runtime 130 minutes.


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