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The First Ships round the World #CUPSFT0001
The First Ships round the World
Cambridge University Press

During the 15th and 16th centuries sailors from western Europe explored the seas and land masses of almost the entire world.  In doing so, they were attempting to connect the West with the East and along the way found many lands and seas they had never imagined.  The book, The First Ships round the World, lays-out what it must have been like aboard those ships and voyages of discovery.  Also reviewed is how the ships themselves were designed, how they worked and navigated, the daily routine of the sailors involved and the conditions of life and sometimes death the sailors faced.  Despite the risks involved with 15th and 16th century ship travel, these sailors went forward and discovered most the land masses and oceans previously unknown.  This book is one in a series of "Topic" specific books published by Cambridge University Press and was meant to be a supplement to course specific books  The major sections of this book include the following: 1) The Ships -  including subsections Fouteenth-century ships, Ships fit for the ocean, A balanced ship, The ship as a machine, Masts, Rigging and The Sails; 2) Magellan's Voyage: The Atlantic - including subsections Officers and men, The Fleet departs, Across the Atlantic, Finding the way and Nearing Land and 3) Magellan's Voyage: The Pacific including - St Julian's Bay, The Straights, Celestial navigation, The Pacific diet - no land, no food, no drink, The Philippines and The Last Lap.  In addition to an informative narrative this book includes the following features: 1) 4 black and white photographs; 2) Approximately 99 black and white illustrations and 3) 10 maps.  This book is 48 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Walter Brownlee with Graham Humphreys (illustrations).  Edition published in 1984.


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