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The Great Indian Wars (1840 - 1890) #SREVHS0010
The Great Indian Wars (1840 - 1890)
Simitar Entertainment

 In the early 1800's families packed their wagons and headed towards the west looking for more land and gold.  As these early pioneers began to settle on Indian hunting grounds, every Chief had to decide whether to give-up or fight for their rights.  While some tribes gave in, most fought for what they believed was theirs.  These confrontations would come to be known as "The Great Indian Wars".  This two video set lets the viewer hear and see the true story of the wars with the Indians.  You'll discover that Sitting Bull was not even at "The Little Big Horn" and that "The Battle Of Wounded Knee" was not a battle but more of a slaughter.  This film adds a historical perspective to the classic western movies many have grown to love.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 1991.  Runtime 96 minutes.


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