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The Great Railroads Of North America #DPSSFT0002
The Great Railroads Of North America
Dorset Press

The book, The Great Railroads Of North America, tells the story of the railroads that brought together North America, from the Pennsylvania Railroad and the New York Central in the East, the Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific in the West, the Northern Pacific and Canadian National in the North, to the Baltimore & Ohio and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe in the South.  Each chapter in this book chronicles the history of one of  North America's great roads, from the early days when the railroads struggled to unite the vast continent, through the "golden era" of rail travel, to the present day acquisitions and mergers.  This book also delves into the story of the men who turned rails of steel into empires including Cyrus Holiday, Donald Smith, George Stephen, James J. Hill, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, Collis Huntington and Charles Crocker.  The Great Railroads Of North America is illustrated with over 300 photographs, including some color, takes the reader on an amzing journey through railroading's colorful past.  This book is 288 pages and is in very good condition with slight tears on the cover jacket and a previous owners name printed in small letters at the top of the front cover.  The general editor is Bill Yenne.  Edition published in 1992. 


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