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The Greatest Adventures Of All Times #TIMEVHS0002
The Greatest Adventures Of All Times
Time-Life Books

 The book, The Greatest Adventures Of All Times, comes from the editor's of "Life" and captures in one volume the drama and fascination of the world's greatest adventurers of all time.  The major sections of this book are grouped along the themes of adventurers that explore in the Water, Land and Air.  The "Water" themed section includes the following stories: 1) The Great Survivor; 2) A Man of Depth; 3) The Manfish; 4) Divining the Progress of Man; 5) Under the Ice; 6) Into the Trench; 7) Saint Brendan's Odyssey and 8) Titanic Obsession.  The "Land" themed section includes the following: 1) The Race to the Pole; 2) Triumph and Tragedy; 3) Everest; 4) A Visit with the World's Greatest Living Adventurer; 5) Alone in Thin Air; 6) In the Footstep of Peary and Amundsen and 7) Where No Man Had Gone Before.  The "Air" themed section includes the following: 1) The Fliers; 2) The Enigma; 3) Lucky Lindy; 4) The Daredevil; 5) No Barriers; 6) No More Monkey Business; 7) To the Moon and Beyond; 8) Man Versus Myth; 9) A Couple of Voyagers; 10) The Adventurer of Tomorrow and 11) Nothing Left Undone.    This book begins with a section titled The Spiri of Adventure, followed a Forward by Will Steger and an Introduction, as well as, concludes with a section titled Summit Meeting.  Compelling storytelling is married to stunning art, detailed maps and outstanding photography all drawn from the various archives.  In addition to a very informative narrative this book includes the following: 1) Approximately 117 black and white photographs; 2)  About 80 color photographs; 3) One black and white illustration; 4) 8 color illustrations and 5) Multiple lavish maps showing the paths taken by many of the adventurers cvoered in this tect.  This book is 176 pages and is in excellent condition.  The editors of this book are Robert Sullivan and Robert Andreas.  Edition published in 2000.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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