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The Hands Of Orlac #AEVVHS0001
The Hands Of Orlac
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 The movie, The Hands Of Orlac, is a early 1960s horror film centered on a world famous pianist who survived a airplane crash but awakes in a hospital to find his hands burned beyond repair.  The pianist, a man named Orlac, subsequently agrees to have the hands of a recently deceased convicted strangler grafted on his arms so that he continue to play the piano.  Orlac soon becomes convinced, however, that their original owner is still using them to kill.  A little later in this film another character emerges, a magician who having learned of the pianist's plight, decides to blackmail him.  In the end, "The Hands Of Orlac" is a twisted horror movie at its best that has a surprise ending.  Starring Mel Ferrer, Christopher Lee and Lucille Saint-Simon among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1961.  Runtime 95 minutes.


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