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The Land That Time Forgot #VOTVHS0004
The Land That Time Forgot
Video Treasures

 The movie, The Land That Time Forgot, is based on a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs and is an action-packed adventure story of a land long forgotten, beyond uncharted seas.  The central character in this tale is a young American named Bowen who has been shipwrecked and forced to board a German U-boat.  On board, Bowen and his companion Lisa, become caught in a struggle for control of the German submarine.  They eventually establish a truce with the German sailors but by then it is too late as the U-boat and its occupants have already entered the tunnel that leads to Caprona: The Land That Time Forgot.  Once anchored in a lagoon, the U-boat's occupants begin exploring this uncharted island that includes dinosaurs, primitive man and danger at every turn.  The explorers struggle to find fuel for their submarine but have confrontations with the beasts and men of Caprona.  The only question is who will escape it to freedom and who will be left behind as a prisoner on The Land That Time Forgot.  Starring Doug McClure, John McEnery and Susan Penhaligon among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1974.  Runtime 90 minutes.


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