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The Legend Of Custer #WHVVHS0001
The Legend Of Custer
Wavelength Video

The documentary, The Legend Of Custer is a "Collector's Edition" 2 tape set that includes the following two titles: 1) The Legend Of Custer and 2) Custer's Last Trooper.  "The Legend Of Custer" traces the colorful, controversial life of General George Armstrong Custer from his schooling at West Point where he graduated last in his class, through the American Civil War and on to his legendary Indian battles.  Custer's Last Stand, also known as the Battle of the Little Big Horn, is told from both the cavalry and Indian perspectives.  More than 150 authentic photographs and rare newsreel footage complement "The Legend Of Custer".  The viewer will also see how Hollywood's perspectives on Custer have changed over time from a 1912 silent movie to more recent multi-million dollar releases.  "Custer's Last Trooper is a thrilling film that documents the drama, suspense and violence of the famous Battle of the Little Big Horn and the storied life of General George Armstrong Custer.  The viewer will actually follow a group of amateur and professional archaeologists as they carefully excavate a famous dumping ground of actual damaged material that came from the actual battle.  Along the way, one of the volunteer archaeologists discovers a human skull in the vicinity where a contingent of Custer's men came under attack during the Battle of the Little Big Horn.  As the documentary progresses a forensic pathologist reconstructs a face around the remains of the human skull.  Towards the end of this video, the archaeologists make an educated guess as to the identity of this human skull.  Shot on location in Montanna, authentic artifacts, photographs and diary excerpts add to the overall anticipation of discovery the true identity of "Custer's Last Trooper".  This documentary won the coveted "Western Heritage Wrangler Award" from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 1992.  Runtime 114 minutes.


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