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The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe And Iron Range Railway #UOMSFT0001
The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe And Iron Range Railway
University Of Minnesota Press

The book, The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe And Iron Range Railway tells the complete story of the DM & IR, which was actually two railroads in the late nineteenth century, the Duluth and Iron Range and the Duluth, Missabe and Northern.  These two railroads moved massive shipments of iron ore to the docks on Lake Superior.  The story of the DM & IR covers in detail: its construction, early operation, line extensions, passenger service, rolling stock, steam locomotives and modern diesel-electric train engines.  While covering this material, the author also examines open pit & underground mining operations, modern taconite mining, the loading & transportation of ore to the docks and ultimately the transfer of the ore to large freighters.  The major sections of "The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe And Iron Range Railway" are as follows: 1) Acknowledgments; 2) Preface; 3) Chapter-1 The Vermilion Encounter; 4) Chapter-2 A Railroad through the Wilderness; 5) Chapter-3 The Duluth and Iron Range Comes of Age; 6) Chapter-4 The Merritts' Great Adventure; 7) Chapter-5 The DM&N under Rockefeller Control; 8) Chapter-6 The View from the Year 1901; 9) Chapter-7 Peace and Progress, 1901-1914; 10) Chapter-8 From World War I through the Twenties; 11) Chapter-9 Depression Thirties and Wartime Forties; 12) Chapter-10 Of Iron Mines and Mining Operations; 13) Chapter-11 Post-World War II; 14) Chapter-12 Beginning of the Taconite Era; 15) Appendix A - Ore Tonnage Chart; 16) Appendix B - All-Time Locomotive Roster; 17) Appendix C - Motive Power through the Years: A Pictorial Review; 18) Appendix D - Evolution of the Lake Superior Region Ore Car; 19) Appendix E - The Missabe Road's Navy: Tug Boats and Fire Boats Used by the Railroad over the Years; 20) Bibliography and 21) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, "The Missabe Road: The Duluth, Missabe And Iron Range Railway" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 354 black and white photographs; 2) 4 black and white illustrations and 3) 5 maps.  This book is 224 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Frank A. King.  Edition published in 2003. 


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