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The Titanic #SREVHS0005
The Titanic
Simitar Entertainment

The film, The Titanic, is a two vhs set that includes the following titles: 1) The Titanic Documentary and 2) Titanic Survivors.  In The Titanic Documentary, the building and launching of the ship are extensively covered with period film footage.  Expert interviews help the viewer to better understand the forces at play that would ultimately lead to her hitting an iceberg in the cold Northern Atlantic waters and sinking.  On the one hand, it is remarkable that the Titanic did not change course and / or speed given the extensive warnings she received regarding the fast approaching ice fields.  On the hand, this was her maiden voyage and the prospect of achieving a speed record in crossing the Atlantic was worth its weight in gold to the White Star Line, operator of the Titanic.  In any event, many improvements in shipboard safety including having adequate lifeboat capacity were made as a result of the tragic sinking of H.M.S. Titanic.  The second tape, The Titanic Survivors, includes rare interviews with some of the actual survivors of this tragic sinking many of whom were only young children at the time of this disaster.  In fact, a number of those interviewed recalled the tragic loss of one or more parents during the sinking of the Titanic with clarity as if the event had just happened.  This two vhs tape set is highly recommended for anyone interested in maritime history or has a fascination about one of the most famous shipwrecks of all time.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 1998.  Runtime 63 minutes.


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