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The Triumph Of Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. and the Faith 7 (May 15-16, 1963) #USGSFT0006
The Triumph Of Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. and the Faith 7 (May 15-16, 1963)
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The book, The Triumph Of Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. and the Faith 7 chronicles his then record spaceflight of 22 orbits over 34 hours 20.5 minutes covering a distance of 546,185 miles.  United States Air Force Major L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. piloted Faith 7 on the sixth spaceflight of the Project Mercury program.  The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) - Manned Spaceflight Center commissioned the United States Government Printing Office to publish this pictorial study of this mission for space enthusiasts around the world.  Major Cooper was one of seven original astronauts choosen in 1959 for the Mercury Program.  The Mercury Program was the first step taken by N.A.S.A. towards President Kennedy's stated goal before a joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961 to land Americans on the moon and return them safely to Earth by the end of the decade.  It was an exciting time early on in the United State's space program when the average American followed developments on a daily basis.  While the Gemini and Apollo Space programs came after Project Mercury and ultimately culminated in the first landing on the moon in July, 1969, in 1963 Major Cooper's flight in Faith 7 was at the cutting edge of manned spaceflight technology.  This very limited edition publication was formerly the property of a private collector and includes the following: 1) 104 vintage black and white photographs; 2) One 2 page Orbital Chart of the MA-9 Flight and 3) One full page artist rendition of the Project Mercury Spacecraft.  This book is sure to appeal to the space enthusiast and collector alike.  This book is 49 pages and is in good condition with some yellowing of the paper and fraying of the cover edges.  Published by N.A.S.A. - Manned Spacecraft Center.  Edition published in 1963.  


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