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Titanic: Legacy Of The World's Greatest Ocean Liner #TLPHRD0011
Titanic: Legacy Of The World's Greatest Ocean Liner
Time-Life Books

The book, Titanic: Legacy Of The World's Greatest Ocean Liner, is perhaps the most complete and definitive book ever published about the RMS Titanic Ocean Liner.  The story of the Titanic begins with her construction in the early 1900s.  "Titanic: Legacy Of The World's Greatest Ocean Liner" next discusses her passengers, the ship's maiden voyage and the terrifying night of the Titanic sinking.  This book next chronicles the dramatic discovery of this great ship in 1985, which included the proper recovery of numerous artifacts.  Also revealed is astonishing new scientific information and new artifacts gathered in an expedition that took place in the late 1990s.  "Titanic: Legacy Of The World's Greatest Ocean Liner" is set apart from many of the books previously written on this subject in that it showcases throughout the book the immense collection of fascinating artifacts recovered from the many expeditions conducted since 1985 while at the same time relating the history of her construction, launching and ultimately sinking.  This book was published in cooperation with the guardians of the Titanic wreck site, RMS Titanic, Inc and the Discovery Channel which also released its own documentary titled "Titanic: Anatomy Of A Disaster".  "Unlike any other book ever published on the Titanic, these pages magnificently present the combined efforts of hundreds of individuals through years of historical and scientific research, study, exploration, and preservation.  In addition to an authoritative narrative, "Titanic: Legacy Of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 87 black and white photographs; 2) About 187 color photographs; 3) Approximately 15 black and white illustrations; 4) About 32 color illustrations and 5) 5 maps.  This book is 206 pages and is in like-new condition.  The author is Susan Wels.  Edition published in 1997.    


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