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"Trouble Along The Way" #WBVHS0046
"Trouble Along The Way"
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 The movie, "Trouble Along The Way" centers on the tiny independent College of St. Anthony and its impending closure due to financial problems.  Father Burke who is in charge of the college and will do almost anything to help it survive comes-up with the idea of improving their football program with the hopes of generating more income for the school.  Father Burke is eventually referred to a down and out former major conference coach named Steve Williams.  While Williams who comes with an eleven year old daughter initially tells Father Burke that he has no interest in the position, he soon changes his mind when a beautiful woman from the state's protective services department shows-up and indicates that his daughter may need to go live with her mother and step-father.  When Williams visits the college he soon comes to the conclusion that the school's chances of competing against major colleges is hopeless and that he should leave.  Meanwhile, the young girl begins to bound with Father Burke and decides she wants to stay.  Once it is apparent that Williams must at least try to turn the college's football program around, he recurits his former assistant coaches along with former professional football players in order to be able to compete with the better funded, equipped and trained big conference college teams.  In the end, the college is saved and Steve Williams and his daughter find a new home.  Starring John Wayne, Donna Reed and Charles Coburn among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1953.  Runtime 110 minutes. 


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