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Tucker: The Man And His Dream #PHEVHS0040
Tucker: The Man And His Dream
Paramount Home Entertainment

The movie, Tucker: The Man And His Dream, is the true story of Preston Tucker who was a dynamic engineer and an entusiastic showman.  In the immediate post World War II era, Tucker managed to put together the financial supprt, as well as, the design and engineering talent to produce one of the most fascinating cars of the era, the "Tucker Torpedo".  The "Tucker Torpedo" was not only futuristic looking, it incorporated leading edge safety features like: 1) Extra foam padding around the instrument panel; 2) Modern brake system; 3) Safety belts and 4) Three front head lights including two that moved in the direction the car was being turned.  Evryone seemed to support Tucker and his rags to riches story except the Big Three Auto Companies that feared if Tucker was successful  they would have to spend heavily to incorporate his safety features into their line-up of automobiles.  In the end, 50 Tucker Torpedos were produced in 1948 but this did not stop the Big Three Automobile Companies and their allies in Washington, D.C. from shuting him down by eledging securities fraud.  They took away his car but nobody could take away his dream.  Starring Jeff Bridges,  Joan Allen and Martin Landau among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1988.  Runtime 111 minutes. 


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