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Uniforms Illustrated No. 6: NATO Uniforms Today #AAAPSFT0004
Uniforms Illustrated No. 6: NATO Uniforms Today
Insignia & Uniforms
Arms And Armour Press

The book, Uniforms Illustrated No. 6: NATO Uniforms Today, represents a concise but authoritative study of the many different uniforms, together with the details of badges of rank, regiment and formation worn by member NATO forces in the early 1980s.  "NATO Uniforms Today" presents uniform information for the following member nations: 1) Belgium; 2) Canada; 3) Denmark; 4) France; 5) West Germany; 6) Greece; 7) Italy; 8) Luxembourg; 9) Netherlands; 10) Norway; 11) Portugal; 12) Spain; 13) Turkey; 14) United Kingdom and 15) United States.  Generally, the 30 years predating the publishing of this book have seen a gradual convergence in styles and color of combat dress and equipment, with olive drab representing the mainstay when camouflage equipment is not required.  Armies deploying mountain troops or that have a operational activities in the Far North continue to clothe their military forces in such environments with the universal, white, hooded smock, trousers and gloves, with weapons wrapped-up using white tape.  For Service Dress uniforms, most NATO forces in the early 1980s favored a shade of khaki while the German Army still wears light gray which has been the case since the formation of the Bundeswehr in 1956.  While badges are seen in a number of photographs, they are of secondary importance since the emphasis of this book is on presenting a picture of the "complete" soldier.  Recent research into ballistic protection has led to the development of reinforced plastic composite helmets, favored by the American and British forces while still other countries cling to the old, steel, "United States" style NATO helmet.  Finally, clothing issued to NATO forces in order to protect them from biological and chemical agents, as well as, radiation are almost universally olive drab.  In addition to informative picture captions, this book includes the following features: 1) Approximately 111 black and white photographs and 2) About 13 color photographs.  This book is sure to appeal to both the military enthusiast and to the modeler alike.  This book is 72 pages and is in good condition.  The author is Digby Smith.  Edition published in 1984.


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