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Vietnam: America's Conflict (4 Disc Pack) #MCDVD0008
Vietnam: America's Conflict (4 Disc Pack)
Cold War
Mill Creek Entertainment

The film, Vietnam: America's Conflict (4 Disc Pack), is a collection of harrowing and compelling footage that traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever expanding war that ultimately spanned three United States Presidents.  The viewer of this documetary, which includes over 23 hours of film, will be an eyewitness to the conflict that ultimately divided a nation and changed the fabric of American society.  From strategic political moves in Washington D.C. to the immediacy of jungle warfare and the weapons utilized to wage this war, Vietnam: America's Conflict reveals the sweep of history and the agony of a generation.  Disc one includes the following titles: 1) Why Vietnam; 2) There is a Way; 3) War and Advice; 4) Another Day of War; 5) 1st Air Cavalry; 6) Marines 1965; 7) Night of the Dragon; 8) Ready to Strike; 9) 82nd Airborne; 10) Beans, Bullets and Black Oil; 11) Operation Montagnard and 12) The Sky Soldier.  Disc two includes the following titles: 1) No Substitute for Victory; 2) History of the Air Force; 3) The Sparrow Hawks; 4) This is Parris Island; 5) The Unique War; 6) The United States Air Force in Vietnam; 7) Faces of Rescue 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment; 8) First Cavalry Division Airmobile; 9) The Battle of Khe Sanh; 10) A Day in Vietnam; 11) The Drill Sergeant and 12) River Patrol.  Disc three includes the following titles: 1) Vietnam! Vietnam!; 2) Sand and Steel; 3) The Full Blade; 4) Vietnam Crucible; 5) Hall of Horror; 6) The Hidden War in Vietnam; 7) The Gentle Hand; 8) The 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam 1965 - 1970; 9) 4th Infantry Division; 10) American Navy in Vietnam; 11) P.O.W. A Report on Captivity in Southeast Asia (1964 - 1973) and 12) Marines 66.  Disc four includes the following titles: 1) To Save a Soldier; 2) For Thou Art With Me; 3) Khe Sanh, Victory for Air Power; 4) Know Your Enemy; 5) Nation Builds Under Fire .. And A Few Good Men; 6) The Battle; 7) The Screaming Eagles in Vietnam; 8) Small Boat Navy; 9) Twenty Five Hour Day; 10) P.O.W. Code of Conduct; 11) Contact!; 12) Progress to Peace and 13) The 9th Infantry Division.  Full screen in black and white & color.  Released in 2008.  Runtime over 1,380 minutes.


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