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War Machines Of Tomorrow #PBSVHS0020
War Machines Of Tomorrow
Modern War
WGBH Boston Video

The NOVA documentary, War Machines Of Tomorrow, chronicles the Allied coalition's use of "smart" weapons during the 1991 Gulf War.  This first generation of laser guided "smart" munitions could be directed to specific targets in a surgical strike that usually was successful.  That said, these "smart" weapons can not be used if the selected target were shrouded by clouds, fog or smoke.  The use of "smart" bomb technology during the Gulf War is reviewed as background to an analysis of the current development efforts to build "brilliant" weapons that once launched can select a target without a pilot or ground controller's use of a laser beam.  These new sophisticated weapons are also programmed to differentiate between friend and foe even on a congested battlefield.  In addition to the technological discussion, NOVA takes a behind the scenes view of "Combat Town", a training facility and testing ground for the new "brilliant" weapons.  This segment of the documentary shows how the American military is creating a leaner, meaner, and more effective force that can fight and win on almost any battlefield even cluttered killing zones found in the streets of Somalia or a clouded-over mountain overlooking Sarajevo.  The narrator of this documentary is not identified.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1996.  Runtime 60 minutes.  


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