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Warbirds Fotofax: RAF Germany #AAAPSFT0006
Warbirds Fotofax: RAF Germany
Arms And Armour Press

The book, Warbirds Fotofax: RAF Germany (RAFG) would have played a crucial role in the defense of Northern West Germany had war ever broken out between NATO and the military forces of the former Warsaw Pact countries.  The RAFG primarily flew aircraft that were prepared for immediate offensive and defensive combat operations had they ever been called on to do so.  The airspace the RAFG was tasked to protect covered all of what was West Germany, along with Belgium, the Netherlands and part of the North Sea.  After 1969, the RAFG represented the United Kingdoms main overseas air power commitment.  With headquarters at Rheindahlen, RAFG had air bases at Bruggen, Laarbruch and Wildenrath along with smaller contingents at Gutersloh and Berlin-Gatow.  The RAFG itself was a self-contained air force that was capable of providing nuclear strike, conventional attack, interdiction, ground support, reconnaissance and air defense forces for all NATO air operations in its assigned area of operation.  Since the late 1960s, the RAFG has deployed the full range of RAF combat aircraft to fulfill most modern combat roles.  During this time, it has re-equipped three times with aircraft and weapons more suited to meet a Warsaw Pact threat.  In addition to informative photograph captions, "Warbirds Fotofax: RAF Germany" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 84 black and white photographs; 2) 3 black and white illustrations; 3) A list of RAF Germany Squadrons, Bases and Aircraft and 4) A table of aircraft specifications.  This book will certainly appeal to both the military aviation enthusiast and the modeler alike.  This book is 46 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Michael G. Burns.  Edition published in 1990.


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