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Warbirds Illustrated No. 29: USAF Today #AAAPSFT0005
Warbirds Illustrated No. 29: USAF Today
Arms And Armour Press

The book, Warbirds Illustrated 29: USAF Today, represents a concise but complete pictorial review of the United States Air Force as of 1983.  The author points out in an introductory note that the photographs included in this book come from the personal files of several former members of his unit, the USAF, as well as, from several freelance photographers.  This body of photographs was selected based on their ability to convey the overall story of the USAF, regardless of where and when they were taken.  These photographs should only be interpreted as a judgment about which pictures best tell the USAF story and are not a reflection about the abilities of individual photographers.  In addition to helpful picture captions, this book includes approximately 129 high quality color photographs.  This book is likely to appeal to both the aviation enthusiast, as well as, any modeler interested in USAF aircraft from the early 1980s as subject projects.  This book is 64 pages and is in good condition.  The author is Dana Bell.  Edition published in 1984.


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