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Wyvern S.4 (Early Version) #TM0007
Wyvern S.4 (Early Version)
Military Aircraft

The Wyvern S.4 was the last piston driven aircraft produced by the British Westland company.  It was physically larger than the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt and had a twin, contra-rotating propeller which gave it a unique appearance.  This aircraft was produced in small numbers and as part of 830 and 831 squadrons took part in the Suez campaign in 1956.  This model kit of the Wyvern S.4 (Early Version) includes the following: 1) Optional position speed brakes; 2) Folded wings and counter-rotating propeller; 3) Multi part canopy; 4) Armament including RATOG, 1000 lb. bombs, 60 lb. rockets and 550 lb. torpedo and 5) Auxilliary 90 gallon tip-tanks and centerline fuel tank.  Authentic markings included ofr the following: 1) VZ794, 827 NAS, HMS Eagle, 1955; 2) VZ772, 827 NAS, HMS Peregrine, 1953 and 3) VZ787, 813 Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1955.   Factory sealed and never started.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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