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Xposed: UFOs Are Real! #MRTVHS0001
Xposed: UFOs Are Real!
Master Tone

 The movie, Xposed: UFOs Are Real!, is a film centered on documenting the existance of UFOs from other planets.  This documentary style film includes a number of interesting film clips of strange flying objects and what appears to be lost black and white film footage which graphically shows the autopsy of an alien recovered in 1947.  This film also delves into the mysterious Area 51 location featured in ID4 Independence Day.  It is a very real place that is kept under tight security at all times.  The movie, Xposed: UFOs Are Real!, asks the viewer to examine the evidence in this film and decide whether or not aliens and UFOs are rea.  This movie also includes a number of first hand accounts and interviews all centered on alien and UFO encounters.  This short movie is certain to appeal to anyone interested the subject of aliens and UFOS.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Runtime approximately 36 minutes.  Released in 1996. 


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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