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Zeppelins Of World War I #PNHRD0004
Zeppelins Of World War I
Paragon Books LTD

The book, Zeppelins Of World War I tells the dramatic, true story of Germany’s deadly airships during the “Great War”.  Specifically, “Zeppelins Of World War I” reviews the German Naval Airship Division’s (Luftschiffe) history, the psychological terrors of its bombing attacks on London and other British cities and the zeppelin’s ultimate failure to continue throughout World War I as a weapon and later as a vehicle for peacetime transport.  The use of zeppelin’s as a military bomber, was first championed by Peter Stasser, a brilliant German naval officer who saw in Count Zeppelin’s high-flying and slow-moving aircraft a vehicle to break England’s will to fight and thus draw World War I to an end.  While a large fleets of “super-zeppelins” enjoyed a fair amount of success early in the war dropping bombs on England’s major cities with impunity, by 1917, the British Royal Flying Corps had developed aircraft capable of intercepting the German zeppelins along with the reliable incendiary bullets necessary to shoot the hydrogen filled dirigibles out of the sky.  “Zeppelins Of World War I” also highlights the following: 1) The first British Royal Flying Corps shoot down of a zeppelin; 2) The launching & aftermath of the greatest airship raid in history and 3) The spectacular death of Zeppelin L-48.  The author also highlights the fact that had Germany’s large fleet of zeppelins been filled with inert helium instead of the flammable hydrogen used, the outcome of World War I might have been very different.  The major sections of  “Zeppelins Of World War I” are as follow: 1) Preface; 2) Chapter 1 – The Beginnings; 3) Chapter 2 – Dove Of Peace To Hawk Of War; 4) Chapter 3 – Attack!; 5) Chapter 4 – London On Its Knees; 6) Chapter 5 – British Retaliation; 7) Chapter 6 – The Turning Point; 8) Chapter 7 – Aftermath; 9) Chapter 8 – An Incredible Survival; 10) Chapter 9 – Paying The Price; 11) Chapter 10 – The Great Zeppelin Gamble; 12) Chapter 11 – To The Bitter End; 13) Chapter 12 – The Denouement; 14) Epilogue; 15) Glossary; 16) Bibliography and 17) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, “Zeppelins Of World War I” includes approximately 23 vintage black and white photographs.  “Zeppelins Of World War I” relates this little-known yet important episode in aviation history and will provide fascinating reading for any military enthusiast.  This book is 220 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Wilbur Cross.  Edition published in 1991. 


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