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1) How do I search your web-site for specific items?

Answer: Our web-site can be navigated by product category, brand, as well as, by typing in one to two words into the Search box or clicking on the Advance Search facility for a more specific drill down routine.

2) What if I have questions regarding an item or its condition before I order. What do I do?

Answer: We encourage our customers to contact us vial e-mail or telephone call to ask questions regarding an item or its condition before making a purchase. Since many of the one-of-kind items we stock are "old" or "used", having a first-hand impression of condition may be quite helpful.

3) What if I can not find an item that I am looking for?

Answer: While we pride ourselves with the breadth of our merchandise inventory, it is always possible that we may not have what you are looking for. Please contact us via e-mail or by telephone to give us your "want list" and we will make every attempt to find the item for you.

4) What is the best way to contact someone at

Answer: Since we are frequently processing orders or stocking our shelves with new inventory during normal business hours, the best way to contact us is via the e-mail address listed on our Home Page.

5) Do you offer gift certificates an if so in what denominations are they offerred?

Answer: Gift Certificates are offerred in any denomination requested by our customers.

6) How do I know whether or not the movie I want is a DVD or VHS tape when making a film selection?

Answer: All movie products include either DVD or VHS in the item catalogue number. Also, since a picture is taken of each movie title, the size and shape of the image will allow you to quickly identify whether or not the item you are interested in is a DVD or VHS Tape.

7) How do I know whether or not the book I am looking at is a hardback or soft cover edition?

Answer: All book products contain either HRD or SFT in the item catalogue number. HRD stands for a hardback book while SFT denotes a soft cover title.

8) What is your policy regarding the "repackaging" of previouosly opened models?

Answer: It is our policy to thorougly inspect any open model package to ensure it is accurately represented in our web-site. If anything is found missing or in poor condition, we note it in the decription write-up for the item. Once inspected, it is out policy to "repackage" the model with shrink-wrap in order to ensure no pieces are lost prior to a sale and to protect the condition of the box.

9) What is the difference between New and Old as it relates to the models offered for sale at this web-site?

Answer: While the use of New versus Old can be prolematic, I generally use New to define models that have been produced within the last 10 years. Models that were produced more then 10 years ago are generally considered Old. That said, a model can be considered Old even when it has been produced within the last 10 years if the company producing it is out of business. The use of New versus Old should only be considered a generally guideline and is no substitution for the buyors own due diligence regarding a specific model.

10) What actions do I take if I would like to sell books, memorabilia, models or books to Movie Classics, L.L.C.?

Answer: Please mail a list of the items, their condition and your pricing to Movie Classics, L.L.C., 530 Shellbourne Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. Please make sure to include an e-mail address andcall back telephone number so that we can follow-up on your iinquiry.

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